Peer-Reviewed Articles, Book Chapters, Book Reviews

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters:

“Nègre (noir, black, renoi, négro).” Small Axe 26.2 (2022): 100-107.

“Ted Joans, the Other Jones: Jazz Poet, Black Power Missionary and Surrealist Interpreter.” Forthcoming in Radical Dreams: Surrealism and Counterculture, Abigail Susik and Elliot King eds. (Pennsylvania University Press, 2022): 43-60.

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“’Rock and a Hard Place’: Last Exit to Brooklyn, New York, Selby et le rock.” Volume! 1.2 (2002) (in French): 85-100. PDF

Book Reviews:

Thieving Three-Fingered Jack by Frances Botkin and Black Marxism by Cedric Robinson. Collaborative review with Gabriella I. Johnson. Romantic Circles. January 4th, 2021.

The Unfinished Revolution: Haiti, Black Sovereignty and Power in the 19th- Century Atlantic World by Karen Salt. New West Indian Guide 94.3-4 (2020): 323-324.

The Sonic Color Line: Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening by Jennifer Lynn Stoever (review). Ars Lyrica 26 (2019): 104-107.

An Islandwide Struggle for Freedom: Revolution, Emancipation, and Reenslavement in Hispaniola, 1789-1809 by Graham T. Nessler. Bulletin of Latin American Research 37.3 (July 2018): 373-5. PDF

Dangerous Creole Liaisons: Sexuality and Nationalism in French Caribbean Discourses from 1806 to 1897 by Jacqueline Couti (review). H-France Review 18.58 (2018). PDF

The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints by Philip Kaisary (review). Comparative Literature Studies 52.4 (2015): e1-e3. PDF

The Colonial System Unveiled by Baron de Vastey, trans. And ed. Chris Bongie (review). Research in African Literatures 46.3 (Fall 2015): 243-244. PDF

The Noir Atlantic: Chester Himes and the Birth of the Francophone African Crime Novel by Pim Higginson (review). French Forum 39.2-3 (Spring/Fall 2014): 215-217. PDF

Racism on the Victorian Stage: Representation of Slavery and the Black Character, by Hazel Waters. African American Review 42.2 (2008): 24-27. PDF