Media, Events, Talks and Presentations


“Hat der Hipster-Lifestyle ein Rassismus-Problem?” COSMO. WDR. October 28, 2022.

“Is France doing enough to commemorate the victims of slavery?” France 24. May 10, 2022.

“The Haitian Revolution.” Escape: The Underground Railroad Podcast.

Slavery Then and Now; how does France address its colonial legacy?” The Debate. France 24. May 10, 2021.

“Underground Railroad.” Tous les cinémas du monde. Radio France International. May 5, 2021.

What is Common? and What is Good?Ideas. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. April 6, 2021.

La série Small Axe de Steve McQueen.” Interview with Elizabeth Lequeret. Rendez-vous Culture. Radio France International. February 26, 2021.

Thinnai Katcheri: Decolonizing Independence,” with Suraj Yengde, hosted by Ari Gautier and Ananya Jahana Kabir. Le Thinnai Kreyol. August 14, 2020.screen-shot-2021-03-05-at-1.53.12-pm

Si, il y a une histoire raciste de la police.” Program B #375 (Binge Audioproject podcast). June 24, 2020.

The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture,” conversation with Adam McNeil, New Books Network. August 7, 2019. Podcast.


Couti_flyerBook Salon: Jacqueline Couti’s Dangerous Creole Liaisons, with Dr. Anny-Dominique Curtius and Dr Jacqueline Couti, Rice University. February 26, 2021.

Haiti Flag Day Celebration, Ferguson Library, South End Branch, Stamford, CT. May 18, 2019.

“The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture.” The Polis Project. A Discussion with Lavelle Porter. Bluestockings Bookstore, New York City. May 16, 2019. GPierrot-BookLaunch

A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde,” screening and discussion with Morgne Cramer and Grégory Pierrot, South End Library, Stamford, CT, August 16, 2017.

Invited Talks

“Until Emmet Till Rests” On Abolition: A Symposium. Duke University Department of Romance Studies. 2-3 February 2023.

“Speculative Fictions: Past, Present and Future.” with Pam Bedore, Fred Lee, Dexter Gabriel. Roundtable. The William Benton Museum of Art. 8 November 2022.

“No, it’s not on the Syllabus.” Material Culture Pedagogy Working Group Workshop. University of Delaware, March 19, 2021.

Pierrot-scaledFrom Rude Boys to Proud Boys: A Short History of Hip, Fashion and Fascism.” Bryn Mawr College Colloquium in Visual Culture, March 3, 2021.

“France and Race: an American History.” Convocation Series, Illinois College. February 15, 2021.

“Ted Joans: Free Jazz Apostle for the Panafrican Revolution.” Paris/Algiers 1969: Declarations of Freedom by the Black American Avant-Garde, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, November 16, 2019. November-15-640x491

Antebellum African American Literature and the Dilemma of Revenge,” Janet Grayson Lecture, Keene State University, NH, November 1, 2019.

“Individual Stories as Public Diplomacy: Exchanges between the Kingdom of Haiti and the Hanseatic Cities in the Year without a Summer,” Haitian Studies Association 31st Annual Conference, University of Florida, Gainesville, October 19, 2019.

Pierrot & Stieber event poster - content available on webpageStaging the King of Haiti and Imagining his Nation in the Plays of Juste Chanlatte.” English Department Speakers’ Series, Queens University. September 27, 2019.

Legacies of the New World Avenger,” with Laurent Dubois, Julia Gaffield, and Grégory Pierrot, The Carter G. Woodson Institute, University of Virginia. May 3, 2019. Video.

Edwige Danticat’s Brother I’m Dying: our stories and History,” Keynote Speech. Ferguson Library Big Read, Stamford, CT, October 19, 2017.

“‘My Name has become a Horror’: Haiti, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and the Dangerous Poetics of Revenge.” Five Colleges Global Cultures of the Long 19th Century Faculty Seminar, UMass-Amherst, October 7, 2016.

14-08-8656_mf_v3“Faces of Haiti: Leaders of the Haitian Revolution in Nineteenth Century European Visual Culture.” Willamette University, September 18, 2014.

“Hegel, Haiti and Universal History,” Rock Ethics Seminar. Respondent (with Paul Youngquist, University of Colorado, and Anthony Kaye, Penn State) to Susan Buck-Morss. The Pennsylvania State University, February 5, 2010.

Conference Presentations

Roundtable on Haitian Revolutionary Fictions: An Anthology, Haitian Studies Association annual conference. With Marlene L. Daut and Marion Rohrleitner. Howard University, DC, 8 October 2022.
Round the Decay: Umar Rashid, Art at the Edge of History,” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present annual conference, UCLA, 16 September 2022.

“‘Disco Turns Revolutionary’: Amiri Baraka and The Advanced Workers,” American Literature Association Symposium on Poetry, Washington D.C., February 21, 2020.

“‘Execute what was ordered’: Black Portraiture and the Spirit of the Haitian Revolution,” African American Intellectual and Historical Society Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, March 22, 2019.

“Reading the Black Spartacus: Literature as Politics in the Haitian Revolution,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, January 4, 2019.

“Making Germany, Making Haiti: Trade, Narrative, and Cultural Exchange, 1815-1820,” co-presented with Tabitha McIntosh, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 9, 2018.

“Music in the Blood: Race, Heredity and Culture in Tananarive Due’s My Soul to Keep,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts 31st Annual Conference, Tempe, AZ. November 10, 2017.

‘H-Haiti and Digital Scholarship.” Roundtable. Haitian Studies Association 29th Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 3, 2017.

“In the court of the Mohrenkönig: Germans in Henry’s kingdom of Haiti,” Co-presented with Tabitha McIntosh. Haitian Studies Association 29th Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 3, 2017.

“Performing literacy and nationhood at the court of King Henry of Haiti,” Co-presented with Tabitha McIntosh. Caribbean Studies Association 41st Annual Conference, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, June 10, 2016.

“The Impossible Return: John A. Williams, Black Revolution and the Israeli Model,” American Literature Association 27th Annual Conference, May 27, 2016.

“All in the Street: Amiri Baraka and Revolutionary Music,” Modernist Studies Association 17th Annual Conference, Boston, MA, November 22, 2015.

“Henry/Nehri: Domestic Theater and International Stagecraft at the Royal Haitian Court,” Haitian Studies Association 27th Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, October 23, 2015.

Race and the Age of Revolution in Hemispheric Studies, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, October 9, 2015.

“Free Jazz as Living History and Politics in Paul Beatty’s Slumberland,” Association for the Studies of the Arts of the Present 7th Annual Meeting, Greenville, SC, September 25, 2015.

“Gothic Slave Ships in Olaudah Equiano and Edward Rushton’s Writings.” Early Caribbeanists Society Symposium. Kingston University, England. July 21, 2014.

“‘A most striking likeness of Christophe’: Reading the English Diplomacy of King Henry I of Haiti.” Co-presented with Tabitha McIntosh. Society of Early Americanists Conference. Kingston University, England. July 17-20, 2014.

“‘I now exert the rights of a husband’: droit du seigneur and slavery in Edward Rushton’s Jamaica.” North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) Conference. Washington, DC. July 10-13, 2014.

“‘This great Man announced by a sublime political author’: Toussaint Louverture as Race Redeemer in Atlantic Print Culture.” 2012 International Conference on Romanticism. Arizona State University, November 8-11, 2012.

“Haiti as Whig Utopia in Marcus Rainsford’s Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti.” 2012 Meeting of the Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. Wesleyan University, CT, October 11-14, 2012.

“Some of my best friends are black: the mysterious case of Marcus Rainsford,” with Paul Youngquist. North American Society for the Study of Romanticism 18th Annual Conference. Vancouver, BC, August 18-22, 2010.

“Marcus Rainsford: A Career in Writing Revolution.” C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists Inaugural Conference. The Pennsylvania State University, May 20-23, 2010.

“The American Way’: Of torture and ethics in Percival Everett’s The Water Cure.” Celebrating Contemporary African American Literature: The Novel since 1988. The Pennsylvania State University, October 23-24, 2009.

“Chester Himes, Boris Vian, and the Transatlantic Politics of Racial Representation.” American Literature Association 20th Annual Conference on American Literature. Boston, MA May 21-24, 2009.

“Cugoano’s Revolutionary Subjectivity.” Society of Early Americanists 6th Biennial Conference. Hamilton, Bermuda, March 4-7, 2009.

“The Making of Toussaint Louverture into a British Hero.” North American Society for the Study of Romanticism 16th Annual Conference. University of Toronto, ON, August 21-24 2008.

” ‘Our Hero’: The Literarization of Toussaint Louverture in British Representations.” Seventy Years of The Black Jacobins Conference. Institute of Historical Research, London, February 2, 2008.