Articles, Blog Posts, interviews

“Beyond the Cosmetic: A Conversation with Esther Armah.” LA Review of Books.

“Reconstruire l’humanité: une discussion avec Anne-Sophie Nanki.” Zist. 

“Plus Outre: Chronique d’Ici s’achève le monde connu, dir. Anne-Sophie Nanki.” Zist.

“Lettre et le fer.” Zist 24 (2022): 4-10.

“There is Danger in the Garden: Chie Shimizu.” ASAP/J.

“Decolonize the Family: A Conversation with Amandine Gay.” Los Angeles Review of Books.

“‘Remembering Is an Act of Protest’: A Conversation with Monique Kwachou.” Los Angeles Review of Books.

“What We Do to Define Ourselves: A Conversation with Zaka Toto.” Los Angeles Review of Books.

“Who Needs to See this (Again)?: On Raoul Peck’s Exterminate All the Brutes. ASAP/Journal. Co-authored with Sarah Wasserman.

“Facing France’s Ghosts: A Conversation with Mame-Fatou Niang.” Los Angeles Review of Books.

Lovecraft Country: A Spell Gone Awry.” Public Books.

“’Common Winds’: The Haitian Revolution and BLM.” Historian Speaks.

“Aux racines du racisme systémique de la police.” Libération.

Watchmen: Nous portons les masques.” ZIST.

“We Wear the Masks.” Africa is a Country. 

“Black Revolutionary Violence: The Luxury of Ethical Thinking from a Temporal Distance.” The Funambulist 25 (Sept-Oct. 2019): 30-35.

*World Cup 2018 series for Africa is a Country:

Everything ends with a Song.”

Fear of a Black France.” // “Cette équipe tue les fascistes.” (French translation).

Rio sur Seine.”

Ghetto Defendants.”

Game of Chickens.”

Black Panther, Representation without Taxation.” Warscapes.

To Be the Other of the Other: An Encounter with Frohawk Two Feathers.ASAP/Journal.

Out with the Old, In with the Old.” The Spoke. 

There Will Be Mixed Blood: TV On the Radio, Werewolves like Us.” Mé 

The Samaná Affair.” Haiti and the Atlantic World.