Publication Projects

Collage by Philippe Pierrot. @phil_pierrot (IG)

Along with Marlene Daut (UVA) and Marion Rohrleitner (UT-El Paso), Grégory Pierrot is editor and translator for an Anthology of Haitian Revolutionary Fictions. It will offer a broad collection of excerpts from poems, novels and short stories about the history of Haiti and the Revolution in particular, originally written in French, English and German. Each text is introduced by short biographies of the authors and contextualization of their writings. The anthology is forthcoming at the University of Virginia Press.

Grégory will be among the first roster of authors in the new book series Decolonize That: Handbooks for the Revolutionary Overthrow of Embedded Colonial Ideas published by OR Books in collaboration with Warscapes. The series attempts to wade out of the recent tendencies toward over-theorization and the simultaneous slacktivist dilution of all things decolonization. These short books will be accessible, incisive & witty interventions into specific sites and topics. He will write Decolonize Hipsters.